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Coming in November 2020

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Wanting to align yourself more deeply to greater health and wellbeing? What to learn about your personal Ayurvedic DNA, receive healing treatments and deepen your Yoga practice? And experience the vibrate culture of the Motherland of both Yoga and Ayurveda?

Embodied Living retreats with Lucilla Jane

Your personal beach

Embodied Living Retreats with Lucilla Jane

India is a magical and fascinating place to explore and experience. It is full of colour, sounds, movement and a deep, organic connection to the mystical, spiritual and natural world.

It is the Motherland to Yoga and the Birthplace of Ayurveda. There is Nowhere better to deepen your experience of any Yoga practice you may have. And begin to explore and learn about the incredible health benefits of Ayurveda. 

Take your personal journey a step further and open yourself to the transformative energy of this sacred land, which has transformed so many before you. 


Yoga is an indisputable companion to life and helps us to develop not just strength and ease in our bodies, but a deeper, truer understanding of ourselves, life and our place in it and our relationship to others. This helps us to cultivate self compassion and an appreciation for who we are. 

We show love and respect for ourselves by the way we treat ourselves. Taking time out to nourish not just your bodies, but your heart, mind and spirit is important to keep your whole being balanced. This is the art of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Yoga helps us to understand our needs and our tendencies. Ayurveda help us to identify better self care routines and daily habits. The Ayurvedic treatments can alleviate all sorts of conditions and difficulties you maybe having. 

This retreat teaches you how these are powerful tools can help to create a happy, healthy and joyful body, mind and life

Love your Life

We cannot underestimate the role that new experiences, places and people can have on our sense of satisfaction, excitement and inspiration. Stepping out of your comfortable, well organised life is always a step towards growth and insight into where you might be stuck. Stepping away gives you perspective on how you are living and can often help us identify where improvements need to be made. 

Come to a land where life is lived more simply, more intensely and more colourfully and let it colour your own life. Visiting a country that happily lives with less can fill us with gratitude for what we do have and reduce any feelings of inadequacy.

This retreat will give you experiences of local life and culture, traditional foods, dance, religion and their natural way of living. Let this richly sacred land, enrich your life

Rest is also an important part of self love and enables you to have the energy to live your life more fully and with a sense of ease. So here we aim to give you enough space to rest when you need to, to journal, to contemplate or to simply enjoy some warm weather and beach time. 

Love Your Yoga

Yoga is an essential part of our daily rhythm on retreat. Each morning we will start with a long juicy flowing practice that will be catering for those with yoga experience*. Meditation and Pranayama (breath practices) will also be given daily. These sessions will go for 1.5 to 2.5 hours. There are evening sessions most days, though occasionally a cultural experience means the session will be missed. These afternoon sessions are between 60 – 90 mins long and will be gentle and restorative in nature. 

We will also experience yoga with a local Yoga master, who has been teaching yoga for decades. AtmaRam was my teacher here in India when I was learning about Ayurveda and has a wealth of knowledge to share. 

Meditation is the next step up from your physical practice, so even if you don’t yet mediate, this is the prefect environment to learn and establish one for yourself. Set on most days before the Asana class, these sessions are optional. If you feel you need more sleep on some days you could take a little lie in instead. 

Pranayama is the breath control practices and are very helpful, not just for your Asana, but in maintaining a calm nervous system and clear mind. This will be incorporated into the Asana class and natural healthy breathing will be taught as part of this program. 

*Please note beginners are welcome but would need to commit to some regular classes before you come on retreat so you could comfortably keep up with the classes. Those with injury are also welcome as long as they know what you can and can’t do and are happy to modify when you need to. 

Love Your Stay

Keeping it real while keeping it comfortable is the balance that is struck during this retreat. The first is right on the beach front. Designed like a homestay but with all the facilities required for larger groups. Restaurant, Yoga shala set under palm trees, beautiful gardens to hang around in the hammocks and a moments walk to the beach.

This is where we meet and acclimatise ourselves. Here we focus more on rest and Ayurvedic treatments, with of course, twice daily yoga. 

Embodied Living Retreats with Lucilla JaneThe second half of our stay is just a little way up the road in a refurbished family home. Set in a working organic garden, here we live like a village family, all under the same roof. This accommodation is a little more simple and snug. During our stay here we focus more on cultural and village experiences and explore the landscape around the area.

Our village family experience is still within walking distance to the beach and we can use the facilities of the bigger resort to which this family home belongs. So all needs will be meet. 

Love the Culture

There is no point in coming all this way to such this special land and not spend time visiting some of the sights and engaging with the locals, the food and the culture on offer. Embodied Living Retreats with Lucilla Jane

I have my local man from the area to help ensure everything goes smoothly and all our travel, cultural and shopping needs are meet. Biju Aravind has been showing tourists around his hometown of Tellicherry and its surrounding area for a number of years now. He is passionate about the area and is very excited to be part of this retreat. 

We have planned some special experiences to really enhance your time here and ensure you go away with a real sense of the area and the culture of Northern Kerala. The area in which we are staying is still relatively untouched by tourism, which is becoming more and more a rare experience. 

Enjoy a real Kerala experience with all the support, security and comfort you need to make it a memorable and life changing experience. 

Live in Balance

This retreat aims to be the perfect balance of learning, sharing, doing, resting and living. You will leave feeling refreshed and inspired, strong and empowered. And you will go home with the tools and knowledge you need to continue this more aligned and awake way of living. 

Taking yourself on retreat not only benefits you but your whole family as you return with more love, patience and ease that radiates out to all you know.


If you Heart saids YES, your mind will find a way. 


Early Bird

ONLY $1599 before 14th April 2019

Or $1749 before 1st July 2019

After July 1st: $1849 (Aus$)

What’s not included in the retreat

  • Flights & Transfers (transfer could be arranged at extra cost)
  • 4 meals not included
  • Travel insurance