The Cycles of Our Lives. Learn to Tune In

As the Sun beats down on us this January we start a new journey, along with the Earth, around this almighty life giver.

This happens year after year. Seemingly forever. It has done it for thousands, no millions, of years and will continue to do so for many more. Hopefully.Learn about the cycles of your life

Luckily we don’t always feel the magnitude of that. That could be daunting! In our own lives the endless turning of the Earth around the Sun breaks down into many different little cycles and these cycles are our experience of life.

Cycles Within Cycles Within Cycles

The cycle of the Sun, the cycle of the Seasons, the cycle of the Moon, the cycle of our months, weeks, days. Of our work or school or sporting interests. The phases of our lives and those involved in it.

Then we are all in our own personal cycle as well as in a global and collective cycle. Collectively we have just come through the end of a 9 year cycle (according to numerology) and collectively we are also going through the end of  a much bigger cosmic cycle, pushing the human evolution envelope. And I think most of us have been feeling those last two!

So, where are you in life just now? Do you have a sense as your own personal cycle and where are you in that cycle? Have you ever noticed the trends in your life? A feeling that things pass in  7, 9 or 10 year cycles. Perhaps yours is different?

Do You Sense Your Place in this World

Taking a look (or ‘feel’ as I like to say it) at where you think you might be in your cycle and ask, “Is this year a time for me to push or to yield, to grow or to reflect?” What do you sense as your place in this world this year? What are the energies you have to give? And are these two elements supporting each other or are they in conflict? If they conflict then that is something that needs to be look at.

Do you have more energy than you feel your life or current life situation demands? If so, what should you be using that extra energy for? Creativity? Fitness? Helping others? A personal project?

If you have less energy than you feel life is asking of you, what are you going to do about that? Perhaps look at your habits, your alignment to health, fitness and the time you dedicate to Self Care? All of these can help reset yourself, your habits and your energy.

If you need to create better habits, check out my post from last year Getting into the Habit. If it’s energy you lack control of you might like to look at this one – Containing Energy.

What Do You Want to Experience?

Whatever it is for you, wherever you are in your cycle, now is the time to look at your best way to tackle it. This isn’t about resolutions or goal setting. This is about knowing how you want to feel for the year, what you need to bring to the table (so to speak) and what might be the best, most natural and healthy way in which YOU can achieve it.

Whatever you want to achieve, however you want to feel and experience life this year you need to do it YOUR way. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be doing it through the platform of a already tried and tested format. You should. But once you have the basic structure of how to take care of yourself better or achieve a particular goal, then you should teak teak teak it. Modify to suit your own personal expression, needs, constitution,  and way through. This will help you experience less stress and more ease.

Tune in, listen deeply

After the hardships of last year and the past few years, it is time to put all that down and start to live a life of Joy, Contentment and Celebration of who you are and all that is unique about you. Our culture seems to have stripped us of self empowerment and knowing. It seems someone else is always the expert on us and how we should be doing and achieving something. We need to reestablish our own personal connection and responsibility for ourselves. Claim your power back! Tune in, listen deeply and begin to make your choices from there.

Who else in the world can tell you what makes you tick, what motivates you to get up in the morning and what ignites the passion in your heart? No-one, just you. And these very things are what end up being our life’s work, so you really what to familiarise yourself with these. If you don’t know the answers to those questions (& don’t be ashamed if you don’t, we are not asked or encourage to dig for these truths) then contemplate them and begin to align your life behind them.

Let’s Take the Power Back!

Take the power back by getting to know yourself better this year. Listen more deeply to yourself than ever before and follow the whispers that you hear. Crave out sacred boundaries for yourself and start making time to do things that wake you up, get you out of bed and invite passion into your life.

We all need to wake up. Take responsibility. And become who we are meant to be. And act out what we are meant to do. This is the collective cycle in which to do so. This is the time to grow so everyone can grow. This is the grassroots movement that may just allow our sacred Earth to keep making those life giving cycles around the Sun.

Namaste and New Year Blessings to you.



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