Walking with Mystery In Our Life

What turbulent times we are living in. It seems it doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in, there are changes, uncertainty and the unknown lurking.

imagesThere is no question that this effects us. As an individual your life might be very smooth and going in the right direction, but collectively there is a lot shifting. Humanity is standing on the precipice of change and it seems fractions are fighting it out to see which way we go forward. These are unnerving times to say the least and we can’t help but to feel unsettled.

How Do We Stay Centered?

So how do we stay centred in all this upheaval? With this universal push for change you are probably finding uncertainly in your own life. I personally have battled with relaxing into change and the unknown for years. I like to call this unknown The Mystery.

Embrace The Mystery

Naming the unknown as mystery somehow softens the edges for me. There is something almost romantic about mystery and it certainly can arouse our curiosity. Though naturally the renaming of it doesn’t necessarily hold us in a place of comfort for long.

Whether you wondering if you should take that trip, change your job or end a relationship or whether you are anxious about what the future holds for our forests, oceans and animals or if we are capable of feeding our population in 20 years time, its important to have something that keeps the deeply embedded worrying at bay. This sort of anxiety can be held in the body without us being even aware of it.

The Inner Journey….

The only way to free ourselves from this is always an within journey. Coming back to the body experience is the first place to start. The vehicle that takes us there is the Breath. Try it now. Just sit back in your chair, take a deep slow and gentle breath in and as you exhale let your attention rest in your body. Watch your breath’s flow. Feel into your body; notice the earthiness of it. Let it ground you back into the known. Feel better?

Slow Down Ground Breathe…

Landing back in the body helps to ground us back into Earth time, the time of NOW. There is so much less to worry about when we focus on one breath at a time. To take it into daily life we only need to focus on one step at a time. When there is deep upheaval or uncertainty the best thing to do is just put one foot in front of the other. This is the wisest path. This helps slow things down and can simplify the process. This allows for better consolidation and decision making.

Meditation And Yoga Help

When we couple this with a regular meditation practice as well as some yoga stretches, these simple steps can be very effective in keeping us at ease. When working with The Mystery meditation is our greatest gift. Sit in meditation with the attitude that whatever arises is ok.

Turn away from nothing, hold all that arises in your awareness if you can, with heart-felt compassion. Tuning into the bigger prospective is also helpful. Feeling into the space that holds everything together. Call it the Source, the Divine, the Earth, the Universe, God or whatever resonates for you.

Tune in and once again allow whatever arises in this space to be ok, there is nothing to fear. Tuning into the felt sense of Mystery helps us to understand the friendly nature of its presence.

Mystery is Possibility! And learning to walk happily alongside it is the art of Joyful living.

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