Press Pause: 5 Top Tips To Keep You Healthy

Phew, that was a fast one! Mid March ……. Easter ……. Autumn all coming at once!

This year has been super fast, super busy and super duper! But as life picks up its pace and offers you all you could want and more and some of want you don’t want, this March is calling for time out.

Though it has been beautifully warm, there is no denying the change of the season and the distinct feeling that Autumn is on its way. Perfect. Now is the time to press the pause button.

Press The Pause Button For Healthy Mind Healthy BodyUnknown

Pressing the pause button at this time of the year is vital for a healthy, cold/flu free winter. Even better is if you can press the reset button as well!

Ushering In Easter…

Easter has come at the perfect time to step out of my busy schedule and to give myself some nourishing Self Care time, as well as hanging out at home soaking in the love vibes here. And I am encouraging you to do the same. If not this Easter break, then find some time during March or April to step back, reflect and realign your year.

Autumn Came With A Rush…

Autumn, being a season of change, means its a good time for us to make changes too. What do you need to change in your daily habits and routines to sync in better with what’s going on in your life just now and to the inevitable change of the weather?

Some Ayurvedic Suggestions…

I have a few suggestions that follow the guidelines of Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga and the art of good health and longlivity. Ayurveda asks us to live in rhythm with nature and  follow the seasons and cycle that the ancient mother follows.

Autumn is a drying season; the season of Vata. Vata is one of the 3 doshas of which governs all things that make up who we are. These doshas are made up of the pairing of the 5 elements. Vata is made up of the elements air and ether and this has the effect of drying out, not just the plant life, but us as well!

5 Tips To Staying vital This Winter

So in order to keep vital during this season and walk into winter strong, we need to keep juicy! How do we do that? I have 5 easy tips for you to consider.

1) Start by drinking more warm water! First thing in the morning even before your tea or coffee. Even better if you add some spices to it like fresh ginger, cardamon or fennel.

2)Eat warmer foods – soups, stew and curries. Root vegetables are great for autumn or any in-season veg available. And add more good fats and oils to your diet too.

3) Try going to bed a little earlier, especially if you are having sleep issues. Have yourself tucked up by 10pm!

4) Practice Self Care. Taking baths, doing facials, getting a massage and giving yourself a massage regularly.  In Ayurveda this self massage is call Abhyanga – and it is THE best self care routine you can do! Especially important during the drying Vata season of Autumn.

5) STOP! Press the pause button! Take a couple of days out to reflect, identify and adjust anything that isn’t working out for you just now.

Make A Regular Practice For You Time

A regular practice of Yoga and Meditation is naturally apart of this. Start finding pauses in your week where you can slip in a 10 – 15 minute practice of either or both. (This isn’t one of the 5 tips, just an on-going routine to consider and strengthen!!)

You only get one life to live in this body, so look after it well. When we look after our body, we also look after our mind. When we look after our mind we look after everything else in our life better too.

Pause.     Reflect.     Identify.     Adjust.     Continue.


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