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Join Lucilla the Founder of Joy Yoga and her Mobile Studio

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Simplify and Magnify Your Own Practice with on-line videos! Choose a time and place that best suits YOU.

Real Change Starts at Home…

I know a home practice can be a hard one to start, especially with so much to choose from. Feelings of self doubt can surface when deciding what to do and how to do it. So I decided to create a Mobile Studio – to support you and your practice from the comfort of your own home!


These videos aim to give you the tools and ideas for a solid home practice. And at the same time allowing and encouraging you to adjust and modify as you go.

Your Body. Your Needs. Your Practice.

Yoga offers a rare opportunity to spend some quality time on and with yourself. Choosing a practice that suits, not just your changing daily needs but also your busy schedule, gives you the power to change your life too.


There isn’t just one way to do yoga. We are all individual, so our practice should reflect that. It should be adjusted, modified and adapted to suit the changing landscape of our lives and the seasons within it. Home videos can help as they are accessible, convenient and adaptable.

Let’s Unpack What You Get

  • 3 brand new videos a month
  • A diverse selection of practices
  • Morning practices to set up your day
  • Evening practices to help you unwind and sleep soundly
  • Inspiring new ways of incorporating a practice into your home life
  • Practices that create a feeling state (Bhava) like Contentment, Confident, Focus
  • “Quick fixes” (uplifting) and ‘Long Stays’ (grounding) classes
  • Beginning and ending sequences that can stand alone or be mixed together
  • Classes that unpack certain movements
  • Routines that work towards Peak Poses
  • BONUS – Instructional videos on The Basics for beginners
  • Pranayama, Meditation, Relaxation included
  • Traveling and learning with Lucilla across the globe!

Styles include: Slow flow, Vinyasa, Iyengar style (longer holds), Restorative, Floor Resort (yin


Yoga has a degree of complexity which, though interesting, can also be confronting. When it come to a home practice this uncertainly can feel amplified.

Each video comes with a description so you can know exactly how and when to best use it. This will help build your confidence in understanding what practices produce what effects.

Choosing the right practice for the right time of the day, year or cycle can really make the difference in feeling enriched and nourished by your practice.


A regular practice and these videos will give you confidence, connection and insight that will take you well beyond the mat. Stick with it and youare guaranteed spontaneous positive change in your life.

"Yoga can help us live in rhythm with world around us. This gives the beautiful effect of deeper connection, greater compassion and real contentment."

Class Support or Home Alone?

It can be hard to get to class each week with today’s heavy demands of our time. Perhaps you have become a mother and never quite made it back to class. Shift work, heavy work loads or family commitments and other ties can make it really hard to regularly attend a class. These videos can be used to support yourself while you attend your regular class or they can be used as a class replacement for those times you can’t make it.

Nourish yourself, your life and all those around you through a home practice.


Wether you rock up in your fancy yoga pants or your pyjamas, showing up has never been easier!

All this for LESS than the price of a weekly class.


ONLY $7.99 US per month

What People Say About Yoga With Lucilla

“I must rave about your videos, and while I must admit I wandered away for a while when life got “interesting”, your Vimeo videos have kept me on the straight and narrow and allowed me to explore yoga differently to what I normally would. A practise full of variety really does help when there are huge changes going one! I love the ones done while travelling, and the hum of travelling noises bought the human element to my practise. In fact, they bought me back to grounded reality thinking of life outside my comfort zones and I am doing more yoga than I ever thought I would! So, thank you for creating them to help me stay in focus. You are marvellous!”

Yours in the stars Kerry Galea
Astrology, Palmistry and Ancient Moon Gardening

“Thanks to your wonderful videos!! I find it useful using the videos because I have no need to’ keep up’. I can just come to the video class with no preparation – convenient!! …. I can do a short class if I am short of time, and still gain the benefits of yoga too. I find it so useful to ‘hear’ what you say during the video practice – ‘keep your hips even’…. ‘Arches of the feet lifted’- however, you seem to be able to say those things, just when my hips are sagging or I’m collapsing in a pose… it makes me smile that you just seem to know what I’m doing from India!!! And you also make me laugh still!. Brilliant”.

Robyn Grigoleit

“I would recommend these classes to anyone! Lucilla is a compassionate and fun teacher, very experienced and passionate about everything she teaches and is acutely aware of the different levels of each student. Joy Yoga classes are a safe and accepting place to grown, learn and challenge yourself.”
Lisé Ballantyne

“Lucilla is amazing at explaining the subtle and intricacies of yoga moves, holds and in particular the breathing. She also teaches an approach of working at your own pace and with great variety to ensure that you continue to learn and push yourself at different levels during every class”.

Sue Tulau
Moe South, Victoria, Australia

Lucilla from Joy Yoga effortlessly makes everyone in her class feel relaxed, welcome and most definitely in good hands. Her joyful approach to yog encourages all her students to focus on their own practice and what they feel comfortable doing, off ering gentle adjustments along the way. I love her description of how our bodies should move and feel and this often leads to a little laugh throughout class. I have found Lucilla to be very intuitive, it’s like she’s connected on another level.

Caroline Hammond