Courses: Learn Meditation With Lucilla

Meditation Course With Lucilla

Starts Sunday 7th May 2017

This is a 4 week course giving you the foundations to the life enriching practice of Meditation.

Whether you have never tried it before or you have let the habit fade away, this is the perfect course to get you established or reconnected.

A Playful And Opened Approach


The course takes a playful and opened approach, incorporating both formal seated technique as well as meditations ‘on the go’ and Mindfulness practices.

As each of us are so different this course encourages you to find the techniques that suit you and your lifestyle. So not only will you have no trouble fitting it into your daily routine, you will love doing it too!

Building Friendship Is Key

Building love and friendship with yourself and your practice is the key to it’s on-going success.

Meditation is helpful for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It helps to improve your sleeping and ability to remain calm in different circumstances. It lowers blood pressure, improves immune system, calms the nervous system, helps improve emotional balance, cultivates creativity, improves your ability to enjoy things more. It also helps with gaining clarity and will help you make better choices in life.

There are many other blessings this practice gives.

Isn’t It Time You Started?

When & How Much?

Course starts Sunday 7th to 28th May 2017

3 – 5pm

Cost: $120 (concession available)


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