Meditation. The Boat That Keeps You Afloat.

Life can be pretty intense these days. If you yourself are’t going through some sort of crisis, big decisive moment or a health issue, chances are more than one person you care about is. Unknown

We Are So Incredibly Busy…

We are all so busy with work, family, caring for others, caring for ourselves, following our interests and supporting others in theirs, that there is little room left. There is always so much to choice from, to do, to finish, to process, to watch, to make, to complete, that we dry ourselves out from the inside.

The Unexpected Challenge

So when the ‘something unexpected’ happens it can seriously challenge us. And if the something unexpected happens one after the other after the other, then we can really begin to struggle with life.

The Last Straw…

That’s when we notice that our threshold for stress, bad news or anything more at all, is at its limit. We start to notice that treading water is exhausting us and that drowning feeling starts to overwhelm. We feel worn out, sensitive, unable to cope. We can start to get sick, not sleep so well, drink more coffee and wine and our decision making starts to lean towards things that are less balancing.

This is when we know we are out of balance,

when we notice we are choosing activities of imbalance. 

Later nights, more wine and stimulates, foods that nourishes us less, television over nature, anger over laughter, noise over silence.

My Challenges…

I have recently been struggling through this myself. I became so entangled in life’s difficulties I started choosing other activities over my meditation. Action over inaction, sound over silence, work over walking. Justifying it that I didn’t have time for the other, that the other things were more important. I was wrong.

All I Could Do Was To Sit…

In a moment where it all became just too much, all I had the energy to do was sit. I knew in this moment that nothing was more important than my meditation practice. I sat down on my cushion once again. And didn’t move for the next 40 minutes. When I reemerged from my stillness, my silence, I felt like a change person.

Calm Appeared…

I had a deep sense of calm. A presence in my body that had the smoothness of a still lake. I felt the subtle vibration of joy humming throughout my being. I had returned home.

How could I have forgotten how nourishing, humanising and grounding this practice was? 

How could I have allowed myself to get so caught up in difficulty that the very thing that could save me was the thing I chose to ignore?

The Boat That keeps Me Afloat

However, it now reminds me of the awesome power of this practice. It has kept me steady for years and in that steadiness I had taken it for grated. Now I can say with all the certainty within me, that this practice is the boat that keeps me afloat. It helps me navigate the rough waters of my life and enhances the stillness that is actually always there, no matter what the story, what the situation.

I suggest it can do the same for you.

I strongly encourage you to take up the practice of sitting for 20 minutes 3 – 4 times a week – and watch your experience of life shift. It won’t take away your difficulties. Life will always push you to your limits. But it will help you cope with them with a deep sense of stability, ease and even the underlining vibration of Joy.

I invite you to a new way to being. Jump on the boat and stay afloat!

4 Week Meditation Course

Joy Yoga is holding a 4 week meditation course. Teaching you all sorts of techniques and practices for sitting in silence and moving through your day. I hope you can join us.


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