Strong and Opened

I decided to try my hand at another video to support you with your home practice. I am a great believer that your home practice should be just that – Yours. But I also know that you can feel like a beginner in Yoga for a long time and sometimes you’re just unsure what to […]

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Warming To Your Practice

Winter has come in strong and fast. The winter solstice has just passed. The mornings are cold and dark. My body is slow and less willing. In the early morning it becomes a real show of strength to get up and practice Yoga. That maybe the case for you too. But one of the ways […]

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An Autumn Twist

Autumn seems to have come to us late this year and suddenly we are in the full glory of this season. It is one of my favourite seasons without a doubt. But we still have to go a little more carefully as it’s a changing season and the subtleties of that will have an effect […]

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Yoga – Movement Alchemy

So we have a situation in life. The pot is being stirred. Changes start happening and decisions need to be made. What is the main way we tend to deal with it? By thinking. And thinking can be useful. Thinking can be a great tool in making decisions, exploring ideas and solving problems. That’s sort […]

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Restore Before Christmas

Christmas is such a busy time of the year. It’s easy to get all caught up in the rushing around, going to Christmas parties, shopping for the family and preparing your home. But what about really ‘coming Home’? Coming Home to your Self. It can make such a big difference to carve out some time […]

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Create Your Spring!

Yippee! Spring is here. Undeniably so. The trees are budding, the blossom has started and for this week at least, the sun is shining! Spring Is Time For Expnasion Spring is a time for expansion, growth, renewal, vision and my favourite theme for this year, Creativity. Nature is crazy busy creating beautiful new plant life, […]

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Stand your Ground With Standing Poses

Winter is such a good time to explore some of the foundation Standing Poses. Being colder, the body maybe less willing for the fuller expressions of many of the poses, so it’s a great opportunity to play with some of the basic standing ones. What Are Standing Poses? These are warming in nature, so good […]

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Winter Practice Tips!

Winter is a difficult time to be motivated enough to get out of bed and practice. Unless you are a die hard Yogi, chances are you will decide to lie in bed and listen to the rain, especially on your day off……… And that’s not a bad idea either!! Tip One Start your practice in […]

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