Know Thy Self for True Vital Health

Ayurveda is an ancient system that can help you understand yourself and your body better. This helps you to make more intelligent decisions on diet and lifestyle that can improve your vitality, moods, health and relationship with yourself and all others in your life. Start the investigation now so your can build trust and understanding […]

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Learning Resilience and Trust in Cambodia

I’ve been travelling on the road for nine months now and have been journaling my experiences with my students and friends through my newsletter. This meant less time here on my blog so I decided to also share my musings, experiences and understandings here as well. So here we go….. time for a little catch […]

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Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

I have recently found myself in a whole new path in my life. I’m sure there is many of you that have had your life turned upside down through one event or another. This is nothing new, we hear about these events all the time through stories, movies, songs, friends, colleagues and family. We think […]

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The Inner and Outer Preparations of Change

When we think ‘preparation’ for change we mostly think of all the external activities that need attending to. Which of course are important. But there is also the Inner preparations that are needed. Sometimes we give them no credit, time or space. And yet this can be the most important aspect of it. Read more […]

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Balancing Fire with Water

The summer breeze here in there Southern Hemisphere begins to fan the fire of what feels to be the real start of the year – here in February. Where the passing of the days, the spinning of the Earth and the growth of our path is excelarated. This is an amazing time to be alive […]

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Walking with Mystery In Our Life

What turbulent times we are living in. It seems it doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in, there are changes, uncertainty and the unknown lurking. There is no question that this effects us. As an individual your life might be very smooth and going in the right direction, but collectively there is […]

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