Inner Wisdom Calling

Before I start giving out some practice ideas and sequencing, I would like to talk a little bit about Inner Wisdom.
I am a great believer in You being your best guide, teacher or guru on the Yogic path,  particularly, when it comes to your body. There is no teacher in the world who knows what it is like being in your body and moving in your body. Only you can know this. Only you have access to the huge database of information that is stored in the cells of your body. Not to mention the tremendous unconscious knowing you have available  through your powers of intuition.
Your body has intelligence. It has a deep understanding about itself. It is designed in such a way that it will always seek balance and strive to bring you back to a good state of health. It will always look for the safest and most comfortable way of being in your body. So this is not something that should be ignored in order to conform to an ideal shape or because a particular way of being suits another person, therefore you think it should suit you. No.
Everybody is different. Everybody’s body is different. Celebrate in that!
However, it is not always so easy to know exactly what is right. Right?
Sometimes it’s obvious. When there is pain – that is a sign – get out of there!! Particular the sharp types of pain, which very few of us can ignore anyway. Sometimes the pain is bearable and you think “no pain no gain” so stay there. Also not a good idea. Pain is the body telling you something is wrong. My belief is “no pain all gain”. There is enough pain in our bodies (& in the world) to not go out and seek it! When we experience this sort of bearable pain, it can sometimes be just a simple adjustment or modification to your alignment or pose, or using a prop that will make it doable and comfortable.
I encourage you to seek the least painful path to your practice.
I encourage you to be curious and playful in your approach, especially to your own private home practice. We learn the most here, about our bodies and ourselves. Don’t be afraid to look different in order to feel better. There is never a right or wrong way with Yoga, there is only a safe and comfortable way.
Now that brings me to the point that sometimes we don’t always know what is right for us. I mean, have you ever sat yourself down in Easy Pose or lay down in Savasana (corpse pose at the end of class), thinking you have aligned yourself beautifully, only to have your teacher adjust you and find yourself feeling completely crooked?
This is where it gets tricky, grant you. But usually we find this that the beginning of our journey when we perhaps don’t know the ‘quirks’ of our body. I suggest that sometimes you sit or stand in front of a mirror and see for yourself what your tendencies are. From there you can begin to train yourself to know how it feels to be in alignment and how it feels when you are not. The cells of your body actually have memory and when we practice very consciously we begin to build a ‘memory bank’ of information that we can refer back to, to feel into our alignment.
Now this is what I call Intelligent.
I also encourage you to take a couple of minutes to notice how you feel at the beginning of your practice. Stop every now and then during your practice to notice the effects the postures are having on you (and your body) and then take a few minutes again at the end of the practice to see how you are feeling and any changes that have occurred – good or bad. This is all important information.
And most of all, ENJOY your practice. I can’t say that enough.
Make it something yummy, kind, fun and morish. It’s the only way to guarantee a continued practice.
If you have any thoughts, comments or experiences you would like to share, I’d love to hear from you.

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