The Inner and Outer Preparations of Change

As Life continues to push through time and space, accelerating as she goes, she pushes us too.

This is being expressed differently in people’s life. But it feels a little like going through a birthing of some sort….. Strong urges to push, to do, to move, to create, to change, to give, to try, to grow. What is pushing out in you? What are the urges you are feeling later? Are you actually responding to them, acting on them?

Perhaps you feel Life has got you cornered? Or pushed you down an ally with no way out but to walk to the other end and see what’s there? Maybe you now know exactly where you’re going, what you’re going to do. Perhaps ideas, projects and journeys have begun to make themselves abundantly clear.

A Sudden Urge Can Take You Far!

Joy Yoga in Moe

I know for me, that is what has happened. I am not a very clear minded person. I don’t tend to have very defined plans or visions of what I want and what I would like to see happen in my life. I tend to take the back seat. But there has been a deep and sudden urge for movement within me. I am a traveller my nature, an adventurer. I love to explore and dive into other cultures and to see what else is out there. I did a lot of travel in my first 30 years but those urges stopped for some years. A new life had formed around me and set me down on top of a very beautiful hill. It was here I settle for a good 10 years.

However, after the selling of this gorgeous piece of land that kept me grounded. And the finishing a long term relationship that held me in place, these events put a different spin on things. I spent a year of scratching my head, wondering what this new life meant for me and then suddenly………. I felt like I was at the end of a slingshot at full extension! And that band is about to be released!

Feeling unsure and unfulfilled with the way I was earning my living (not through what I was doing, but how it was being done) I got my heart and head set on an Eat Pray Love experience.  I am now just standing at the cliff’s edge ready to free fall into the unknown and look for a soft place to land somewhere.

How Do You Untwine From A Fully Formed Life…

In the meantime I need to navigate and untwine myself from the fully formed life around me. I have a home, pets, friends, community and a business to attend to. All of the areas of my life need to be seen to, handed over and ordered. I also need to prepare for the future business, the travel arrangements, look at all the possibilities of what might happen, what I might like to do, how it might be done and try to be as prepared for that and the unexpected, to the best of my ability! Phew!

Being prepared for any changes in life, direction, role or work role is the key to an easier transition and the laying of more solid foundations for its on going success. This concept can be applied to any type of change, whether its a role or new life you are stepping into or whether it is the letting go of something that is dear to you. And all to often, they come hand in hand.

Preparing to (Let) Go is Preparing to Grow

When we think ‘preparation’ we mostly think of all the external activities that need attending to. This is surely true when it comes to the Big Moves in your life. There is always so much to do, remember, work out and take into account. But there is also the Inner preparations that are needed. Sometimes we give them no credit, time or space. And yet, and yet, this can be the most important aspect of it.

Without the inner preparation life can begin to feel out of control. Things can feel messy and unclear. You may experience overwhelm. You may feel like you don’t have enough time and become short tempered and unpleasant company because you feel so stressed. This makes the last moments of your time with those you care about or the moments with those that are trying to help you, feel strained and uncomfortable. This isn’t what you want for anyone involved.

Choose Closeness Instead Over Grief

The Inner preparations that are done alongside the external preparations will make for a time of closeness instead of grief and stress. A time of flow and uplift instead of peaks and troughs. And can hold you steady, centred and present.

So how do we do this? There maybe a variety of ways you could approach this, and I suggest everyone is a little different. When it comes to these practices it is so much better to simply tune into your own inner knowing for guidance. However, when we first come to start these practices, that guidance can be a little unclear or go unheard.

Thinking Is Actually Part Of The Meditation Practice

I always start with regular sits. This is meditation. For some of you it might be just 10 minutes of breathing consciously into your body and beginning to notice all the different thoughts and feelings that arise. Thinking is actually part of the meditation process. So welcoming your thoughts, worries and concerns as well as your fantasies and hopes for the future event or change are important.

Inner preparing for me is noticing the types of thoughts I am having when I give myself permission to think. These thoughts are very telling on what is worrying, exciting or stopping me for getting things done! This then helps me to make better more informed choices on what needs doing next – either internally (e.g. I need to take a walk or bath or adjust eating or sleeping habits) or externally (e.g. I need to prioritise the house or family, or get this thing or that done first).

This practice is best done in the morning before you start your day. That way, it might become more clear to you what needs attending to that day. Next, you need to take moments throughout the day where you stop, take a number of deep breaths and release any tension in the body. Then presence yourself into the moment and activity you are doing. Whatever it is. Just let everything stop for a moment. If you can, try and stay there breathing and relaxing until the urge to move again and get on with things goes away! Then you know you have relaxed into your Parasympathetic nervous  system and you are good to go! Particularly good to do when you feel yourself building into overwhelm or stress.

Can Singing A Song Help?

You may even want a Mantra or motto to help you through the transition. Maybe something simple like “I am in Flow” that you can repeat to yourself as a way to try and bring yourself back to that state. Or maybe it’s simply a line of a song that resonates with you and brings you back to what you want to focus on. “I want to fly like an eagle to be free”. Or perhaps a more formal affirmation will help you better….  “I have the courage and strength to get through this with ease and grace”. Another great one is to simply ask yourself (usually when in meditation or times of quiet) for one, two or three words that you can draw throughout this time. It might be something like ‘Calm, Courageous, Confident’.

Or is there something else you prefer? You know you have the ability to make this up right? One that suits YOU! Start tuning in and trusting your own deep Wisdom. It’s in there somewhere!!

I have been using these simple techniques for years now. They sound so simply that you think it can’t really make that much difference. But believe me, this is the difference between order and chaos, ease and frustration, laughter or arguments!

The simple things in life really are the best!!


Lucilla Jane

PS If you have any other techniques that work for preparing you for change, I’d love to hear from you! Your ways may help others too!



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