Go with Gut Feelings: Learn To Tune In

Do you feel the push of evolutionary growth being forced upon you or people you know? Have there been big changes and decisions being made in your live, your job, your health or relationships. If not you, perhaps your friends or in your family?

What Happens When Change Is Thrust On Us?images

When change is thrust upon us decisions need to be made. So how do we know how to make a good decision? How do we know which decision is right?

Not only do we have a make the right decision for ourselves, even a good decision acted upon at the wrong time can lead us to difficulty, challenge and distress.

Learn To Navigate The Twists And Turns…

Learning to navigate change in a way that brings the best results with the most ease is really down to our intuition! Now, this may sound flaky to some of you and make total sense to others.

Never underestimate the power of your intuition.

I know all of you, even the most cynical of you have had an experience where you just knew you had to do this now. We are all gifted with intuition. It is our birthright. However, we don’t always listen and many of us don’t cultivate it in a way that can really bring a sense of ease and flow into our life.

Yes, But How Do I Cultivate Intuition?

So, how do we cultivate intuition? There are many avenues to this. Take what makes sense to you and work with that. You may get several ideas from several places. Mix it to suit you. THIS is using your intuition!!

Making decisions on the big stuff in life is not necessarily easy. We are very influenced by our emotions and often by other people’s expectations of us. So lets look at the intellectual centres we have available to us for decision making.

The Head

Well known for it’s ability to problem solve and logically work out what needs to be done next. This is the Pros and Cons list approach to decision making. The problem with relying of the head is that it can be a little too clinical. It can also see problems (which is sort of its main job, to problem search and solve!!) which aren’t actually there or may never happen. The mind can play the fear card as well and doesn’t always take into account the ‘magic’ of life!

The Heart

There is scientific evidence that the heart has a brain of it’s own and it’s electromagnetic field is 5000s times stronger than that of the brain. So this is a powerful place for making intuitive decisions.

The heart is wonderful at helping us choose things that we are passionate about, the things that give us joy. It is very important to take these into considerations when it comes to love, relationships, work, lifestyle choices etc.

However, even here, the emotions of the heart can lead us astray. The heart can get us into trouble and have us hold onto things (because we still love them) for longer than they are good for us.

The Gut

The last centre (or is it our first!?) of intelligence is our belly! Often referred to as the ‘second brain’ because of the 100s of millions of neurones connecting the brain to the digestive tract. This place is our most primordial centre, a place of true survival.

I believe there is no better place to put all your trust into leading you to the best and safest place for a life of abundance and happiness. We have ALL experienced that feeling in the belly. That sinking feeling where you know something is just not right, or the butterflies in the belly as you meet someone special. In these first few moments we truly know something to be true.

Learn To Listen To All 3!

Learning to listen to all three of these intellectual centres is helpful. But when there is conflict and or uncertainly, there is no question with which centre to lay your bets on.

Always go with Gut!

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