Getting into Habit: Simple Tips To Help You Stay On Track

So the year has began. There things you want to do this year, to achieve. Maybe you have made some resolutions or decided on some goals.Unknown-1

The thing is, all that sounds well and good but as most of you will know, resolutions are broken.

Goals often go unrealised and we are left feeling defeated, let down and fall back into old ways of being.

Change Isn’t Easy

Change isn’t easy. As humans we resist change even when we know it’s want we want and it’s for our own good. We do this because of a sense of security we have around our habits.

Our Habits Define Who We Are

Habits define who we are. We have hundreds of habits sprinkled throughout our day and week. All these little habits make up who we are, how we spend our time and what we spend our energy on. They sum up the person we are and the lifestyle we have.

Are You Happy With Your Habits?

Perhaps there are some habits you preferred you didn’t have, while there are some you want to bring into your life. But how do we do that with some success, knowing how much we resist change in the first place?

Lets Start Off Small…

First, I recommend you recognise a small habit you want bring into your life. Let’s start off small, something you know you can pull off. For me, I’ve decided on getting into the habit of daily Oil Pulling.

Take a Look At Your Daily Routine…

Next, I need to find the best routine in which it can work. Here I’m going to look at my daily routine.

That is to look at the things I do daily and see which routine I have already developed that I can use as a trigger to remind to do the one I want to create.

For example everyday I make lunch. So while I make lunch, I can also oil pull. That’s my routine and that’s my trigger.

What’s Your Reward…?

Then I need to find the reward. I mean, we do things because we enjoy them or get something out of it right? So here I will notice how much fresher, cleaner and stimulated my mouth will feel and ready to enjoy my lunch more fully.

Yes, I Know There Is More To Changing Ingrained Habits…

Of course there is so much more to changing habits than I have written here.

But you get the picture. I encourage you to pick one small habit that you want in your life. Make it small and achievable so you can prove to yourself you can change habits.

That you have the ability, willpower and focus. You might like to do that with a number of small habits.

Make a habit of changing habits!

And then you will begin to see yourself as a person who can, and does change habits.

“Building the personality and mindset of a person who can change habits, is as important as building the habits themselves”

Set Personal Goals: Set A Date: Challenge Yourself To Be Who You Can Be…

Set a date. Map your approach. Begin. And if you fail, work out what the obstacle was, refine your approach and start again.  Slowly you will be able to mould yourself into the the person you want to become!

Want to learn more? Why not visit the website of James Clear and download his helpful little booklet.

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