Excitement Runs wild!

Is there anything you are excited about right now? Perhaps its simply that Spring is in the air, holidays are coming or the cold air is beginning to warm up.

I Love Getting ExcitedUnknown

I am one of those people who can get really excited about things. And one always presumes that being excited it a good thing, right? Well, surely it’s better than feeling grumpy, numb or indifferent?

However, over the years it has occurred to me that my excitement doesn’t always serve me that well.

Getting All Pumped Up…

I have been one of those people who gets all pumped up about going to a party or something of the like. Spend the day getting ‘in the mood’ by putting on music, singing and dancing, calling people, preparing all I need with a skip in my step. Then just as I’m getting ready for the party, I’ll realise I haven’t eaten well that day, I’m feeling really tired and have an aching head. And now……. feel too worn out to go!!

Does That Sound Familiar?

Or perhaps its just life in general you are excited about. Well, that was also me. There was always so much I wanted to do and achieve. So many ideas, projects and thoughts. I began to realise that I couldn’t contain my excitement. I ended up going through a never ending cycle of getting really excited about life and what I had planned.

Then I’d pushed pushed pushed, I walked with an upward lift in chest, didn’t eat when I should have, couldn’t sleep when I could have and pushed through what I shouldn’t have.

And Fall In A Heap…

After a few week of this I’d fall into an exhausted heap for at least a week, then spend the next couple of weeks crawling back to good health (and excitement), for it all to happen again.

The Dangers Of Over Stimulation. Yes, It’s true!

We are always told how to take care of ourselves when we are down, tired, overworked or depressed, but no-one seems to mention the dangers of excitement and over enthusiasm! I am here to warn you!! These too can actually deplete us, use our vital energy unnecessarily and prevent us from achieving our best.

The Fine Line Between Pleasure And Pain…

We talk about a fine line between pleasure and pain. There is similar a fine line between excitement and anxiety/fear. It is the same energy. Think about experiencing one and then the other. Feel it in your body. Feels the same doesn’t it?

Could This Be You…?

If you recognise yourself in this article I suggest that you really start to look at the way you move through excitement.

Practice Self Awareness…

Simply by observing how you move, walk, talk when you are excited. Notice your energy/mood patterns, notice how well you eat and sleep. Change cannot start to take place unless we know what we are changing from.

Controlling Excitement Is An Act Of Embodiment. This is Yoga.

When you notice yourself getting carried away, come back to your body and breath. Ground yourself into the moment through your exhales and draw the energy down into your core and, if needed, your feet. Stop and allow the wild energy that might be spinning around your body to drop back into the body. Particularly draw it back into your belly.

Connected To The Bigger Picture By Being Contained…

Contained and healthy excitement feels more like a deep inner connection with beauty and contentment. It feels focused and enables you to cleverly prioritise your days. It feels like a connection with the big picture while simultaneously dealing with the smaller details. It allows you to laugh easily and to love deeply. This is true excitement.

Calmly excited? You bet!

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