Where’s Lucilla Now?

Right Now…..

In Australia!

I’m back in Moe and will offer some workshops and classes, so check out my Retreat Page for details’

Already Been…..

United Kingdom – December 2019 – January 2020

I have returned to the UK in the middle of winter, not for the weather clearly, but for another personal reason.

I decided to become a British subject. Having lived here before and having family and very dear friends I thought I’d become a dual citizen so move and work wherever I choose to place myself.

India – September – December 2019

Finally managed to host my first Yoga retreat – and what’s more – in India! It was awesome! We spend 10 days experiencing Yoga, Ayurveda and cultural experiences in this vibrate and wonderful land.

After that I went into an ashram for a month to study Yoga philosophy. It was a stoke of luck to find this place and teacher. Ammaji teachers at Purna Vidya Foundation and is a living example of living the values and disciplines of the teachings even. What an honour it was to study with her and the other teachers and students there.

United Kingdom – June – September 2019

Hanging out with family and friends over the British summer for a little cool down. If you’re in the area you can get in touch to organise one on one (or group) yoga classes or healing sessions. 

In the meantime I’m working on my own practices and Awake living as well as working on some new offerings.

Myanmar – Bagan: April to June 2019

Yoga with Lucilla Jane

I will be teaching Yoga here in Bagan, the land of the temples in the heart of Myanmar (Burma).

I am teaching for a Shala called Yoga Bagan, in which they have a little shala and also teach a class on a little island in the Irrawaddy River.

It is just coming into low season as summer is coming and it will get very hot. But this is perfect time for me to slow down a focus on some of my own projects.

Sri Lanka: November 18 to March 19

Spent some time traveling around and staying in different places and as well having some holiday time with a close friend of mine. Here I also spent time learning a little about Buddhism, so visited a lot of temples and monasteries. I also did some silent retreating here. A beautiful place to do so.

Yoga retreats with Lucilla Jane

Jan-Feb 2019

Teaching back in the beautiful Ayurvedic resort of Planation Villa. Here they offer Treatment packages coupled with Yoga, cooking classes, evening talks and afternoon walks. Its so beautiful here, though, just hanging around the pool with a book and watching the wild life is all you need to accompany your healing.


India – Sept – December 2018


Spend time in Rajasthan, mostly for personal travel, having wanted to be in for about 30 years!

I ended up spending a lot of time in Udaipur, a city in which I have totally fallen in love with. I meet an incredible person there who showed me around all the temples there. Some ancient, so hidden, some more obvious. I meet many sadhus during this time and was taught some mantra and Puja practices.

UK – Edinburgh – July – Sept 2018

I used to live here for about 10 years. So it is always a pleasure to return to this gorgeous city. I will be covering classes for a dear friend, Esme Lopez.  I may also be offering other services, so you can watch this space for further details closer to the time.

At the moment this is my schedule. Learn more about where here at Yoga with Esme.

Joy Yoga in Edinburgh!

With my great friend and local teacher Esme (Yoga with Esme)


Greece – Santorini – June 2018

With my Teacher Shiva Rea & Dimitri

Lucilla will be heading to the beautiful island of Santorini to celebrate a special birthday with some friends and family. Enjoying some much needed social time.

After that I will be staying on to study with one of my favourite teachers Shiva Rea. I will miss the first week of training but manage to catch the 2nd two weeks to learn more about this creative flow and meet up with many like minded beauties no doubt. I can’t wait!

Cambodia – Siem Reap

April 1st – May 31st

After a shaky start in Siem Reap I managed to land on my feet and took on a new role as the Residence Wellness Practitioner at the luxury resort Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat. This means I get to use some of my other skills, other than teaching yoga. Here I give healing and private sessions on body work, yoga, meditation and support the detox programs on offer. As well as teaching a community class and other classes on the schedule.

Sri Lanka – Kalutara

Jan 20th – Feb 28th 2018

Teaching Yoga in the beautiful Ayurvedic resort of Planation Villa. Here they offer Treatment packages coupled with Yoga, cooking classes, evening talks and afternoon walks.

India – Azhiyur, Kerala

Oct 2nd – Dec 31st 2017

Studying Ayurveda at Greens Ayurveda. Learning to become a Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant.

This is a living clinic, taking both local patients as well as accommodating international patients and those coming to study. This is not a resort, but an interesting mix of traditional treatment, village life and international study.