Upcoming Events At Joy Yoga Studio

Joy Yoga regularly holds workshops, intensives and monthly themed classes for you to improve your knowledge, wellbeing, become stronger and more flexible, or find your inner balance in today’s busy life. By clicking on the links below, you can jump straight to the class information you like to read about….

Master Class

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

Full Moon Winter Intensive

Celebrating All Year Round

Master Class

Balancing: On Two Hands

 Yoga Masterclasses in Moe

Saturday 17th June 9 – 11 am

We will be looking at all the different elements that come together in order to learn to safely come to balance on 2 hands! A number of different balance postures will be given alongside strengthening core, wrists and shoulders along with opening the hips that make it easier to do some of the fun but strong poses.

We will look at a number of different poses. First working with strengthening the core, warming up the body, finding the alignment and opening so the end pose is possible!

The MasterClass is a new offering and format for those wanting to deepen their practice and begin to work towards more intermediate postures.

These classes are not necessarily about getting into the pose. More about how to work towards them and the variations and modifications that can be applied and adapted in order to experience the pose at the level you are at.

Investment: $30

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

Saturday 24th June 1 – 4 pm


Saturday 22nd July 1 – 4 pm

Learn to give one or two 30 min sequences of the beautiful Thai Yoga Massage in the soft and gentle approach I have been taught in.
There will be 2 sessions held. The first one focusing on the upper body. Starting in a seated position and working on the shoulders, neck, head and back.  And the second one focusing on the lower body, working on the feet, legs, hips and back.

You will learn the foundation movements required for ease of pressure, flow and transition while keeping yourself comfortable and safe. And at the same time giving a massage people will LOVE to received.

This is a rhythmic, rocking and flowing practice with stances and movements that aid the comfort for both you, the giver and for the receiver.

This workshop will give you the skills that will be suitable for sharing with friends and family. So why not come together!!

Investment – $75
For Both Workshops or for 2 people – $140

Full Moon Winter Intensive

Sunday 9th July 2 – 5pm

Keeping the fire burning is important during the cold winter months in order to keep warm. This too needs to be an internal practice, keeping the inner fire stoked to keep ineria at bay.
This year’s winter intensive falls on the full moon and gives us the opportunity to celebrate a little more fully in the beautys of this season and will give the energy to stoke the inner fire a little more joyfully.
Working of the Wild Dog sequence to develop strength and cultivate opening simualtaneously. This intensive will leave you feeling renewed and empowered.
All done to an amazing soundtrack. Finished with Restorative Yoga to round the practice out.
This will be the last of Lucilla’s Intensives for a while – so don’t miss out!
Investment: $60

 Celebrating All Year Round

10 years of Joy Yoga!

Lucilla Jane and Joy Yoga are celebrating their 10th year in teaching Yoga in the Gippsland area. I invite you to join me in a year of celebration in all its forms!

Celebrate Yourself! Celebrate the privileged life you lead! Celebrate your own Yoga practice and all the small things you do to improve your life, the lives of those you care for and the health of our life giving planet.

What you are going to do to celebrate?

Join me in our Winter Retreat! My very first offering. Please register any interest in this Here.  Or subscribe to our newsletter.

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