The ABC Of Containing Energy

Here in the Southern Hemisphere not only has a new year began, but we are in the height of our summer. This is a season when energy is high. It’s the season of doing, of producing, of ripening. We see this reflected through nature with our trees dripping with sweet fruit and our veggie patche giving generously. c0aa117dd8c6fbb37961739ec4f10ae3

This year also has the energy of ‘doing’, of producing. Do you feel its pull?

What can You Do When The Energy Is High?

So when the energy is high, the question does need to be asked, how do you control it? Often when we get excited things don’t always go to plan. I wrote a blog a few months ago Excitement runs Wild on how excitement can actually derail you. When the energy is high, it lifts into the head. We think fast, we breath fast and move fast. Personally, I find this unhelpful, especially if left unchecked.

This might play out by you starting a number of projects or ideas at the same time, only to find you finish none of them or don’t do any of them very well.

How To Channel Your Energy

I want to give you some tips in channeling or containing your energy. If we are going to be effective, if we are going to ride that wave well, we need to contain and channel the energy so we actually get things done. We meet our goals and desires without taking the long way or exhausting ourselves in the process.

Start By Listening To Your Inner World

We might like to first experiment with channeling energy on the mat, in our practice. Listening first, noticing second and responding third. This is the art of a personal practice. And the way that we train ourselves to then bring this into our lives. If you would like to learn a little more about experiencing the currents of Prana, or life-force in your practice, you could come along to a workshop with Delamay Devi on Saturday 5th March, Vinyasa & the Vayus. 

3 Simple Steps

Channelling energy in our lives is very similar. I’ve come up with 3 simple steps to help you get an idea on how this can be done in daily life. The A – B – C of containment. Containment to me is about narrowing and narrowing the boundaries of your energy so you can land things in the real world.

The Art Of Containment

First we have a thought, then we might visualise the thought, then we start talking or writing about it, then we need to start taking action. From there the thoughts, ideas and actions need to become more and more concise, more and more contained, in order for the end product to be completed. Make sense? So the boundaries become narrower and narrower. This is containment.

A is for Awareness. We need to know how we are, how much energy we have, what the quality of energy is and weather it needs containing or up-lifting.

B is for Breath. Breath is always key to any form of Awareness. If the energy is too high, then the breath lifts up into our body and we start shallow breathing.

This can/will cause anxiety, fatigue and tension. If the energy is too low, we may not be inhaling enough! Coming back to the breath and consciously changing our patterns can reset our breathing and improve our headspace.

C is for Connection. Staying connected to our body. This connects back to Awareness & Breath! Know where you are holding tension or leaking out energy. Connect to the Earth for our Grounding. It’s important to keep grounded, especially during times of change or high excitement.

Exhaling your energy to the Earth is a simple and effective method for instance Grounding. And, lastly, staying connected to your goal, to your bigger picture.

This helps us to keep a prospective on things and keep the focus on what it needs to stay on. 

Stop Your Energy Leaks

The A – B – C on containment is like the lining in a dam. It’s not really noticeable but it stops any leakage and allows you to use the (water) energy in a way that sustains growth.

Let me know what you think or any practices that you find helpful in keeping you grounded, sustained and full of ease.

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