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  Beginner’s Course

With Lucilla

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Never done Yoga before? Or maybe you have done some but don’t really understand the principles behind the practice? Or perhaps you just haven’t done it for so long you want to start again.

Learn the Foundation Principles

Here you will learn the foundation principles and breathing techniques that make Yoga Yoga and not just a stretching exercise.

In our beginners yoga classes, you will learn to reconnect to your body and find where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You will learn how to move your body in a safe and effective way, so you can feel for yourself when you have the good alignment. And then learn how to move into your boundaries with care and intelligence.

Particularly Helpful for Stress Related Issues

Learning to breathe properly and effectively can prevent many illnesses, but it is particularly helpful for stress related issues. Each week there is a focus on healthy breathing and various techniques are given to support the practice and your nervous system.

Practice Booklet and Home Videos to Support You

This is a step by step course, each week building on the lessons of the last. You are given home practice booklet and  home videos to support you so you can start a home practice straight away. And if you do happen to miss a class, you have the relevant theory and main physical practice of that week for you to do at home.

Join us for this 6 week beginner’s yoga course here at the Joy Yoga Studio based in the heart of Moe. Why not bring some friends along to keep you motivated? We have yoga clients coming from as far as Tanjil South, Traralgon and Yallourn to learn how.



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 Beginner’s 2 Course

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This is a 6 week course for those just finishing the Beginner’s course and is held just after the above course for those wanting to continue their learning. Or you can join if you missed the first course, haven’t done it for a while or simply want to join in to learn more about the particular categories of the postures.
The course will focus on the categories of the yoga postures. We will look at Standing, Twists & Core, Forward folds, Balance, Backbends and Inversions (upside down). We will be looking at some of the main poses in these categories – how to do them, when to do them and the many benefits they give.
We will also be working on how to find good comfortable alignment in posture and in flow.
This course is also supported by home videos so you can continue your learning journey on your own at home. Joy Yoga puts a strong emphasis on home practice and self learning. We believe YOU are your best teacher.
Challenging but fun, thoughtful but playful, focused but permissive.


2016 Beginner’s course feed back

A slow gentle introduction to Yoga. Not just the practice but the principles as well. Relaxed atmosphere. Everyone was welcomed and treated with respect. Different personal needs were respectfully considered.

I completed the Yoga Beginners course over six weeks. Over the course of the weeks I felt more in control of my life and decisions. As everything in my life was the same, I can only attribute the great feeling and control over my diet, (which seriously needed fixing) and the great upper body muscles to Lucilla’s fabulous classes.

This has been the first yoga course that I have attended at which I felt totally accepted at the level I am at. There was no sense of competition between students. Highly recommended for nervous beginners. Clear instructions, well paced course.