Moe Studio is closing during the year of 2018.

We are so very sorry for any inconvenience and disappoint this may create! However, the roof of the space we were using had become unsafe and we were not able to secure another suitable venue in the area. This is a disappointing turn of events.

Please check out the Online Yoga page if you would like to join Lucilla as she trots around the world teaching yoga and furthering her studies. This way you don’t even have to travel to a class or change out of your PJs to do your practice!

Otherwise look at the Teachers Page to see what the other teachers of Joy Yoga might be offering.

This is fresh off the press and I am overseas where wifi is slow and difficult. If the information isn’t yet up it is coming! Please be patient. 🙂

Thank you for your interest in Joy Yoga and I hope we can be of service to you in one way or another this year or next.

Namaste, Lucilla


Contemporary Hatha Flow is a blend of working on alignment while staying ‘in the flow’. The emphasis of these teachings are to find your own Inner teacher and honest self express, rather than follow a dogma that may not be suitable for your body or spirit. You are encouraged to be playful and curious throughout your practice while finding your own comfort and way of being in the pose.

Restorative Yoga is a wonderful tool to fully support and calm the Nervous System. This style of Yoga is deeply restful, lying the body over props while holding the pose for anywhere from 2 – 10 minutes. By supporting the body in this way we relax and open the body helping it move towards ease and balance. Restorative Yoga is excellent for fatigue, stress grief, big changes in life, injury/illness recovery and sleep issues.

Classical Yoga include relaxation, anti-rheumatic, abdominal, digestive, tension release and basic breathing exercises. This is a low impact class suitable for older students with or without previous yoga experience that want to work towards a calmer state of mind and a more flexible relaxed body.