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Class Timetable


9.30 – 11am



6 – 7.30pm




8.30 – 9.45am

10 – 11.30am


Classical Yoga



6 – 7.30 pm




9.30 – 10.45am

6 – 7 pm


Meditation Satsang         (1st Friday)



Yoga classes are Contemporary Hatha Flow. A blend of working on alignment while staying ‘in the flow’. The emphasis of these classes are to find your own Inner teacher or Guru and self express, rather than follow a dogma that may not be suitable for your body or spirit. So, you are encouraged to be playful and curious throughout your practice while finding your own comfort and way of being in the pose.

The last yoga class of each month is Restorative Yoga to fully support and calm the Nervous System. This style of Yoga is deeply restful, lying the body over props while holding the pose for anywhere from 2 – 10 minutes. By supporting the body in this way we are alternately stimulating and relaxing the body, helping it move towards balance. Restorative Yoga is excellent for fatigue, stress and sleep issues.

Classical Yoga classes include relaxation, anti-rheumatic, abdominal, digestive, tension release and basic breathing exercises. This is a low impact class suitable for older students with or without previous yoga experience that want to work towards a calmer state of mind and a more flexible relaxed body.


Yoga First Flass $10

Yoga Casual $20 – conc. $17

Yoga 8 Class Pass – $135 – conc.- $120

Classical Yoga – First class FREE then $15 per class

Meditation – $5




I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and share my delight and appreciation in what “your” yoga has bought to my life. I had been to many yoga teachers over the years but you are the best!  You have such an exuberant, positive and yet ‘down to earth’ manner which is comforting and reassuring and has meant that I am finding joy in my own body. Wow…I only just realised why you call it Joy Yoga! This joy has meant I have the confidence in my body and I am now doing a daily practise… while I admit it’s a small one, it’s bringing yet more changes. While on the subject, I want to add that your Thai Massage has helped in the past with sciatic and now the recent massage has vastly improved my lower back issues after luging heavy boxes  around! It’s marvellous and yes a reminder to be joyful and respectful within my body and also in my heart and soul. Thank you!
Continue being brilliant.
Yours in the stars
Kerry Galea – Astrology, Palmistry and Ancient Moon Gardening

My Yoga class with Lucilla is something I look forward to every week.  It is the only time of the week that I allow myself to switch off from everything else going on in my life. Lucilla, is someone I look forward to seeing.  She is welcoming, encouraging, helpful, energetic and inspiring. I have never come away from one of her classes thinking, I wish I had not come to that class.  No matter how difficult I may find what I am doing, I always view it as a challenge and come away at the end of Lucilla’s class, glad I have been.  I always feel better, I always feel as if I have achieved something positive and I always sleep better!!!
 I am going to miss Lucilla immensely when she goes overseas.
Anna Fogarty – Yoga Student