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Hello and welcome,

Firstly do you have any health issues/injuries? If so then please contact us to arrange a private class to begin. This 60min one on one session will be a personalised experience to ensure you begin safely and confidently.

If you are free of health issues/injuries you are more then welcome to attend any class on the schedule.  Choose a time and book in online via MindBody OR contact us and we will book you in. First class is $10. Following this class you can purchase a New Student 4 Class Pass for $50. You will be best to judge the value of yoga for you after 5 classes.

A private session is still highly recommend even if you are physically fit as it is a great way to connect with your body, gain a better understanding and ensure a comfortable environment for self-enquiry.

Your private yoga session will be tailored to your individual needs, adapted to your skill, fitness and stress levels. The lesson will advance at your pace and you will get more assistance and adjustments than in general classes. A great start for beginning or returning to yoga.