Balancing Fire with Water

The summer breeze here in there Southern Hemisphere begins to fan the fire of what feels to be the real start of the year – here in February. Where the passing of the days, the spinning of the Earth and the growth of our path is excelarated.

This is an amazing time to be alive and a very crucial one as well. The intensity and acceleration of heat (fire) seems to be happening on all levels! Globally, politically and physically as our planet heats up. It could be easy to get a little too caught up in all this heat. And it’s true, sometimes we need to fight fire with fire. But a fire that’s out of control means someone is going to be burnt.

Balance naturally brings happiness

When something becomes too big to handle, we need to change the lens of focus and concentrate on something we can manage. So individually we must all look to create balance in our lives and within ourselves. We can’t change the world but we can change our world. And this is what we can and must focus on.

The 5 Elements Support Balance and Harmony

In Ayurveda there are the 5 elements that make up all life. These 5 elements (Pancha malabhutas) are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (or Space). These five elements normally support life and create harmony, but when out of balance cause discomfort and disease (in the body) or threaten life in the larger scheme of things. And we can see how that is playing out in the world just now. Too much fire!

Fire is called Agni in Sanskrit and agni facilitates transformation. Which is a good thing right. However, if transformation is done with too much agni, then the results can be painful. Whether that is in your body (think of  indigestion, this is very uncomfortable) or in your emotions (getting irritated or angry) or the fiction created on a global scale, causing war and destruction.

If we feel concerned about how things are in the world but don’t know how to help, a very real thing we can do is focus on ourselves. Creating peace within, creates peace out-with.

Managing Your Internal Fire

So let’s start by simply looking at the element of fire in ourselves and our lives. How well is fire balanced in your body and in your life? Fire in the body regulates not just digestion/absorption/assimilation of food but of thoughts and experiences as well. It regulates our body temperature as well as our perception and comprehension of things. When someone is ‘sharp’ or alert we often say something like “aren’t you on fire today!”. The fire element radiates energy and gives the light within the eyes and spark in the personality!

However, if there is too much fire, that light in the eyes turns red and that spark can shoot people down. We have all seen this in someone or experienced it in ourselves.

One of the best ways to control fire is with water. We all know this too as it is the main weapon used by firefighters. It’s the same with our bodies. When we get overheated, we turn to water to cool down.

The Cooling Effects of Water

Water, which is called Apas in Sanskrit, can also have a calming and refreshing effect on the mind and emotions. Think what a swim in the ocean can do to up lift or a soak in a bath to calm down. Water has the qualities of the moon. Like fire has the qualities of the sun. So it’s attributes are calming, inwardly focused, reflective, insightful, intuitive. Like the day balances itself with night, we need to balance our fire with water.

With the right balance of water in our lives we are able to ‘go with the flow’. There’s a smoothness and ease to our minds and actions. Water is cohesive by nature, it brings things together and it’s energy is downward. Water is about preserving and nourishing life. It is nearsighted and if this is in balance with fire, where the vision is sharp and longsighted, then this can be a very powerful place to be making decisions from.

Too much water though and that’s not good either. When we’re high in water there’s a heaviness to our body and our mood. We tend to become lazy, disinterested, depressed or selfish. When water becomes too cold it becomes frozen and so too can our actions and our emotions. We need the heat so the energy can stay mobile.

Related to Our Chakras

In terms of the chakras (these are the 7 main chakras or energy centres running down the centre of our body) fire relates to Manipura, housed at the solar plexus. This chakra relates to our individuality, our sense of personal power, our ambition and ability to do in this world. Where as Water relates to Swadhishthiana housed in the pelvis. This chakra is about emotions, pleasure, intimacy and creativity.

So to be in balance we also need to balance work with play. Discipline with freedom. Pleasure with control. Intimacy with detachment. Must do’s with want to’s!

The seasons of the sun and the cycles of the moon can be powerful reminders to us to keep this balance. When we really starts tuning into this balance and getting it right, we then radiate Joy into the world. If just 10% of people in the world got this right then the world as we know it would be a very different place.

Balance Naturally Brings Joy

Start to balance your fire and water today by building your confidence, learning a new skill, taking positive action, spending time with people who inspire you. Exercise, be creative, take time to do things that give you pleasure. Make love. Meditate. Spend time in or near water.  In the cooler months have an open fire or spend time outdoors in the sun. Eat well, drink plenty of water and you will begin to feel the vitality and natural happiness that balance gives.

Love to hear how you balance your fire and water!

Namaste Fire Keepers.

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  1. Vik August 11, 2019 at 11:12 am #

    Thank you for this article. It really helped me. I have been wondering about what to do with these two different energies within me and now realise that I can live with both of them together, strike that balance and harmony between both of them.

    • Lucilla Jane June 26, 2020 at 1:02 am #

      Hi Vik, You know I’m so sorry about not replying to this!! I didn’t see it until now would you believe!! I’m so glad to hear this article helped you. I believe more people need to understand this to create more harmony in life. Hope you have too! Namaste, Lucilla

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