Yoga Offerings With Lucilla Jane

Align Your Life Workshop

Saturday 29th February

At the heart of Yoga are the principles of morality and peaceful living. We may believe that we are living that life but actually it is becoming increasingly difficult to do, in our ever complex society.

How do you really know if you are living in alignment to your deepest values? Do you even know what your most important values are? This essential information helps us to understand ourselves better, to improve decision making and to contribute to the world at large with greater impact.

Join us at Moe Yoga for a morning of discovery of what our values are. As we get clear on our moral compass we integrate it into our cellular body through beautiful fluid yoga. Aligning our body, mind and spirit with the greater flow of our breath. 

This will be a dynamic flow style class lead with a focus of body and breath awareness, to feel with honesty, the structural alignment of your body. This allows you to know what you are truly capable of when you are aligned in truth and integrity.

After a break of light refreshments you may like to continue onto the second, seriously nourishing, half of the class.
Restorative yoga can help you heal and integrate even the most difficult aspects of Self and Life, in the most gentle and compassionate way. Restorative Yoga is long holds of reclined postures properly supported by yoga props that allows the body to release deeply held tensions and opens the body in a way not normally available to us.

Pranayama or breath work, will be incorporated into this section for greater depth and enhancement. And we finish the day with a meditation that will leave you clear on the qualities you need to take you through this most powerful of years.

We are living through a very important moment of the human evolution. Let’s move through it Aligned in ourselves; consciously, with awareness and in community. All this is set to an inspiring soundtrack to keep you focused and connected as we dance the dance of Life.

We hope you can join us

Saturday 29th February
Session 1 – 9am-11.30am Active Asana session $40
Session 2 – 12.15pm-2.15pm Restorative & Meditation Session $30
Both Sessions – $70 (with refreshments in-between)
Please arrive a little early for check in
Bookings can be made to Lucilla at or call/text 0439107979

83 Lloyd Street, Moe