Yoga Teachers At Joy Yoga Studio In Moe

Lucilla Jane – Founder Of Joy Yoga

Ongoing Yoga Student & Teacher

Lucilla has decided to go exploring the world while traveling, teaching and studying Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage and Ayurveda in their lands of origins. So for now will not be offering classes or massage here in Moe. See below for the teachers to take you forward over the next year or so.

“I will be starting my journey off in Kerala in Southern India to staying Ayurveda at Greens Ayurveda for 3 months. From there the territory is uncertain but plans on working, traveling and studying in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Greece and the UK over the coming year or so.

Joy Yoga Studio will be left in the capable hands of the teachers below.

Other ways of staying in touch is the like our Facebook page or subscribe to Lucilla’s enJoying Yoga at Home monthly videos. Here you can follow her around the whole and through her travels and learn with her along the way.

Stacey Rosenterter – Yoga Teacher

Strong. Present. Playful.Yoga Classes in Moe

Stacey believes that knowledge empowers her as a teacher, and can lead us to a deeper truth. She uses anatomical knowledge to develop strength, focusing on the musculature of the body and the way it engages and progresses through correct alignment. She uses philosophical knowledge to encourage self-awareness and expansion of consciousness.

Empowering Students in Body and Being

Stacey wants her students to feel empowered, both in their body and in their way of being, while also having a laugh and not taking things too seriously.

Stacey is the mother of two young girls, has worked as a secondary teacher and is currently studying politics and policy. She trained with the Byron Yoga Centre and with Jenni Morrison-Jack of Ihana Yoga. She has taught locally for nearly 10 years and is a registered Level 1 Teacher with Yoga Australia.

Deb Vawdrey – Yoga TeacherProfile Picture, Deb Vawdrey

Deb originally lived in Mornington where to practice and studied Yoga with Symphisis Yoga, completing her training in 2013.

This is what Deb has to say about Yoga:

Yoga has given me so much in the way of flexibility, strength, spiritual growth and self worth. I believe it has been the most significant influence on my life in recent years and given me a more open, accepting and loving outlook. Yoga has worked to improve my physical and emotional state.

The people I have met through yoga have enriched my life and opened my eyes and my heart to the importance of inner growth and self love.

Yoga Brings Balance And Stress Relief…

Yoga also provides me with balance and stress relief needed to cope with the pressures of my financial services business.

Since moving to the Gippsland region I have been blessed with many opportunities to further my teaching experience and get to know many of the wonderful people in the area who have made me feel at home in a totally new region.

Clem Jarvis – Meditation & Gentle Yoga TeacherProfile Picture, Clem Jarvis

From the late 1960s Clem has trained in meditation techniques in the Theravadan, Mahayana and Zen Buddhist traditions. During the 1970’s he extended his interest to the practices of Yoga and Tai Chi.

Clem Teaches Tai Chi and Meditation Classes…

Over the last twenty years Clem has presented Tai Chi/Meditation classes at the Morwell, Moe and Churchill Neighbourhood Houses and the Gippsland Institute of TAFE.

He has also presented a short course, Introduction to Zen Meditation, at Scope, Morwell and the Joy Yoga Centre, Moe.

Clem Is A Qualified Masseur…

In addition Clem is a qualified masseur; having completed his studies in Swedish Therapeutic and Myofascial Release massage at In-Touch Healing at Drouin in 2004.

Satyananda Yoga Teacher…

His long term interest in yoga and mediation culminated in Clem undertaking the Satyananda yoga teacher training course in 2010-11. He completed his Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Training in 2011.

Clem is an Accredited Satyananda Yoga Teacher and a member of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association (ATMA) as a teacher of meditation in the context of personal development and within a spiritual/religious tradition.

Studied With Ian Gawler At The Gawler Institute…

In 2012 he completed the Meditation Teacher Training course at the Gawler institute at Yarra junction and is qualified to deliver their Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation course.

Loves Continually Learning:)

Clem continues to develop his understanding of and explore the benefits of meditation and yoga through a dedicated home practice as well as regular attendance at workshops.

Nicky Lappin – Friday FlowFriday Flow classes with Nicky

I started practicing yoga about 16 years ago, initially viewing yoga as a relaxing form of exercise. At that point in my life, I had become low on energy due to the demands of working whilst raising a young family. I soon realised yoga was a great way to help relieve stress, find a better understanding of the mind and body connection and improve my overall health and fitness.

Yoga Became a Great Passion in My Life

After completing an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at the Australian Yoga Academy in 2016, I now have the honour of teaching yoga to others and sharing with them what has become a great passion in my life. I stand by the belief that yoga should be easily accessible to all people, from all walks of life.

Offering a Down to Earth Approach

I believe a down-to-earth approach is the way forward for my students. I employ a combination of asana (postures), pranayama (breath control) and meditation and hope to share a variety of practices that I have learned and continue to learn on my yogic learning journey. I do this to give my students the best guidance I can offer them as they move through their individual yogic learning journeys.

Feeling Well, Looking Well and Living Well

As I share my passion with others, I stand by the motto of feeling well, looking well, and living well.

Nicky’s classes are open to all levels. Please come and experience the gifts and teachings only Nicky can give.