About Me: The Transformable Energy of Yoga

From my very first Yoga class I just knew this practice was for me. What I didn’t realise was why it was for me. And what exactly is was going to do for me.

Wow, that was about 18 years ago now.

I, like many others, started to practice Yoga because physically it felt sooo good. What kept me coming back, & quickly beginning my own personal practice, was the realisation I could start to control my moods & emotional states better.


What lead me to teach Yoga was the life changing understanding of the power of this Ancient Art form. It helped me to interact & respond to Life differently, to begin to take control. And responsibility. That began to change everything for the better.

I love Mixing Styles Together To Suit The Occasion…

Originally learning Iyengar Yoga overseas, I eventually returned home & began to experiment with the different types of Yoga around. And boy – there was a lot! So I had a lot of fun exploring a variety of approaches. And you know, they all have something special to offer. I love to mix these styles together, to tailor make a practice each day. Nothing prescribed. Nothing the same.

There Is No Right Or Wrong Way…

There is no right or wrong or best way with Yoga. It’s just whatever suits you.

I Love Humour, Flow & Creativity In My Classes

I’ve been teaching since 2007. This seed idea to teach sprouted after starting a ‘Yoga Club’ in the area when I couldn’t find a local teacher. This group started off with just two other women joining me, then grown into an entire class. The two women both still attend my classes today, as well as a number who joined in on that very first class!

I love to bring humour, flow & creativity into my classes. I encourage my students friends to do the same.

I believe in self alignment & try to teach what it should feel like when aligned rather than what it should look like. I love the use of props to help students friends be comfortable. I believe in developing a great degree of comfort in the body, not go out of the way looking for the pain. This can be a very Western approach to our bodies. One we need to soften.

Yoga should feel Delicious!

Thai Yoga MassageYoga Classes in Moe

Another way to feel delicious is with the beautiful modality of Thai Yoga Massage……

I have been a Thai Yoga masseuse  since 2010, having done 3 levels in Lotus Palm with Trinity Yoga, as well as some other trainings. I LOVE this practice – & so will you if you try it. So healing. So nurturing. So rejuvenating.

Read more here on what is Thai Yoga Massage here on my massage page.

More About Lucilla Jane

I started Joy Yoga in 2007 soon after moving into the area. This is not something I planned to do, rather it was just something that happen. I simply followed the flow.

Life Has Always Taken Me For A Ride Until…

Life has always taken me for the ride, rather then me being in the driver’s seat. I have been a bit of a wild child always following the scent of adventure rather then sticking to any one path.

I travelled lots, moved around a bit, spent 10 years living in sunny Scotland, I partied a lot and changed not just jobs, but career paths every few years.

My First Yoga Class….

This restlessness eventually lead me to my first yoga class. This was a small community class in the vibrant but weather beaten city of Edinburgh. All my life I suffered from bouts of depression and the long dark winters in this city would bring me down each year.

That coupled with my restless spirit and never finding job satisfaction meant that I found unhealthy ways of distracting myself. Finding solace in dancing and the dance scene of the 90s with all night parties made me think my wild spirits needs were being meet.

However, depression and a deep felt sense of unhappiness never actually left me.

Within A Month My Life Began To Change….

After my first yoga class something happened. I woke up a little. Within a month I was practicing it at home on my own 3 or so times a week. I quickly realised that this simple practice helped me manage my moods. I began to feel a little better. I practice like this for 7 years, rarely missing my weekly Iyengar class. And slowly things changed and improved for me.

Back Home Again In Australia

I moved back home to Australia in 2006 and the loss of the deep and profound friendships I had made there made me realise my yoga practice wasn’t quite enough anymore, I needed something stronger. It was then I took up meditation.

Another awakening. By this time the of years of yoga practice had paid off and I didn’t suffer from my bouts of depression anymore. I felt stronger. I worked in a field I really thought I could stick at and the party scene had naturally dissolved itself.

The Move To The Country

I then moved to Victoria (with my then partner) and bought a beautiful property in the Strzelecki hills. We grew our own fruit and veg, had animals, worked at sustainable living and run a BnB. An ideal life in many ways. And it was here the natural unfolding of becoming a yoga teacher began.

The Joy Of Yoga

benefits of yoga in MoeTeaching yoga classes in Moe in my yoga studio deepened my understanding of life in so many ways. Sharing this Joy, this life inspiring and affirming practice brings me a great sense of satisfaction. I have never strayed from this path.

Now my wild passionate spirit is poured into my Inner practices and helping others connect to theirs.

I believe that these rather serious practices should be dealt with with lightness, humour, compassion and Joy. Allowing your own natural evolution and inner wisdom to guide you and let that lead you to where you are meant to be.

When in the Gippsland area I cater to every level, beginners to experienced people and I have people from all around, Willow Grove, Trafalgar, Newborough and Traralgon attending classes.

But at the moment I am traveling the world, though mostly Asia teaching yoga, studying, traveling and learning more and more about myself and life as I go. You can check out my “Where’s Lucilla” page to find out where I am just now.

Really hope we get to connect sometime soon.

From my heart to yours!


Here’s a little back ground information on my Yoga Education

Studied with:

  • Australian Yoga Academy 2007 – Achieved: Advanced Diploma
  • Trinity Yoga: Thai Yoga Massage – Achieved: Level 3
  • Yoga Australia Membership: Achieved: Level 2
  • Ayurveda: Yoga Healer – Cate Stillman – Achieved: Living Ayurveda
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga – Teacher Training
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant – Greens Ayur in Kerala, India
  • What Am I up to Now?

    I continue to learn and study on the road mostly in Asia. This is her Eat, Pray, Love experience. Studying her modalities in their land of origin.

    My main influences are Donna Farhi, and Shiva Rea for Yoga and Sally Kempton for Meditation.

    Interests: Personal & spiritual growth, growth evolution, Ayurveda, helping others, animals, nature, travel.

    Other Loves: Dancing, walking, laughter, snorkelling, swimming, art, crafts & mosaics, music, good food, connection with life, people and nature! A lover of the Great Mystery.