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A Thousand Mile Journey Is Begun With A Single Step…

Yoga can take us on a Journey far beyond our wildest expectations. Generally we come to Yoga because of a physical aliment or ambition. During our first class we reawaken parts of our body we have totally disconnected from and begin to experience our body in a whole new way.

This is just the beginning of the Journey…

Yoga provides the springboard with which to experience a larger and more colourful life. It draws us to live up to our fullest potential, giving us the courage, wisdom and energy to follow our deepest heart desires. Yoga gives us a way to move mentally into stillness & experience ourselves as we truly are.

We Begin To Evolve, Grow And Move…

It is through this process we begin to open, evolve & move towards a more contented and fulfilling life. All that, through the simple step of taking a Yoga class. Join the Revolution.

What Can Joy Yoga Offer You?

Joy Yoga aims to provide a vibrate space to bring together a community of like minded people in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Let the Joy FLOW!

Yoga is more than just a practice that stretches the body. It offers an entire way of life for those interested in traveling that fresh and juicy path. The philosophy we have here is that there is no one way to go, to do, to be. There are many roads, there are many paths, there are many ways, regardless of where you want to end up.

Here at Joy Yoga we support and encourage people to find their own unique way of expressing themselves, of finding their way in the world and adding their own magic. Everyone is welcome. However you find yourself, wherever you are in life – you are welcome.

Feeling into how your body is on any given day, tuning into the wisdom it holds and guiding yourself from within. This is the given practice. We practice this first in the body, on the mat and then watch it unfold in our lives. The style of yoga given will vary.

Be Part Of The Unique Unfolding Of Joy Yoga Classes

Classes are a unique blend of embodied flow coupled with pulsing, flowing and moving in 2 pose flow sequences with some longer hold and explorative alignment given. Restorative Yoga is given at the end of every month. This is of the most delicious kind.

Deeply nourishing, relaxing and soothing…

It is a time to pause and reset. A time to go in and rest deeply in the ocean of your breath. Ayurveda (the science of living with the rhythm of nature) and Thai Yoga massage techniques are woken into class. So the seasons, moon cycle and general energy of the day/week/month is taken into consideration.

What Else Can I Come And Experience With Lucilla And Joy Yoga?

Intensives, events, workshops and courses are offered each month to keep the seekers mind engaged and challenged. Joy Yoga offers classes suitable for the very beginner through to those studying their Yoga teacher training.

Lucilla is a Yoga Australia level 2 teacher and is happy to support those training in a mentorship role.

Massage And Thai Yoga Massage

Lucilla can offer you a deliciously and deeply rejuvenating muscle relaxing massage over an hour to wash away any tension. If you are feeling up for an invigorating massage, choose to experience A Thai Massage therapy session in the heart of Moe.

Thai Yoga is a combination of Yoga poses, martial arts moves, rhythmic movement, massage & meditation in a graceful dance with & around the body. It is infused with Metta, the Buddhist philosophy of loving Kindness. This acts like a tonic on the body, being applied through intention and received through the body similarly to Reiki.

Learn Reiki

Reiki can transform your life in ways for the better so simply ans subtly. This gentle form of hands on healing by accessing universal energy is very easy to learn. Held over the course of a day, we teach you Level 1 Reiki in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Joy Yoga is situated in Central Gippsland and is the closest Yoga studio for those living in Moe, Newborough, Trafalgar, Willow Grove, Narracan, Tanjil, Yallourn & Yallourn North.